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Goody Hair Clip

Our goody aluminum sectioning clips are 6 ea. And perfect for using on long lengths of hair. They have a new design which is a loop with a goody happy face on it. They are perfect for using on long lengths of hair and can also be used on wavy or curly hair. They are also non-toxic and non-toxic storage size.

Goody Carolina Claw Clips

Goody Carolina Claw Clips

By Goody

USD $14.78

Goody Large Claw Clips 3 ea

Top Goody Hair Clip Features

The goody hair clip is perfect for your hair styles! It's large and accurate, and it's 1 pc! The clip is easy to use, and it's perfect for your business or home décor.
our goody hairclip is the perfect way to keep your hair looking good. This clip has a mediumclaw hairclip that is perfect for keeping your locks in place. It has 4 clips to keep your hair in place, and it is easy to use.
the goody hair clip is a fun and fun way to contour your hair for a more polished and more held together look. This clips are 6 ea. And come in black, brown, gray, or white. They are also lovely goody color clips that will bring the whole look together.